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Hello Planet.

At this moment we are working hard on our website. Until it is ready please contact us at: mohiman@thetribeoflights.org or via the form in the link:

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We are a growing and dynamic community. We are hard-working dreamers. We are believers. We are providers. we factor our add value to the well-being of the world into our own value. The world needs our help, and we took it upon ourselves to do what we can, and we can do pleanty.

If this is your call then join our tribe. You will always find warm hearts and sharp minds to inspire you, and together we channel our collective energy and shine our light on matters that actually matter. Bring along the people that you think they fit and enrich our community. 

You have been summoned. Its up to you to answer the call and take actions!

The Tribe Of Lights

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Share the message! 

  Shine YOUR Light!

Our Mission

To connect and act together to solve important problems and improve the well-being of both people and nature in Syria.

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Together we go further...