About Our Organization

The Tribe Of Lights is non-profit organization registered in The Netherlands and based in Amsterdam. 

We are dedicated to supporting both the people and the environment in Syria to help them recover from the devestating war.
We do that via creating fudraising events in our own community, as well as through collaborating with like minded people and organizations. 

ABOUT Our Community:
The Tribe of Lights is an inclusive yet exclusive group of believers🙏
Colorful, glittery, and a happy vibe🥳
We love house and techno music🎼
We co-create our events TOGETHER 💪😊 Each person brings something to the event to make others happy🌟
Fundraisers are in our DNA. We shine value beyond the walls of our events.
We are constantly experimenting with fun concepts🔮✨❤️

Board Of Advisors:

Mohiman Makali
Managing Director

Events Core

Anna Lindblad

Decoration Fairy

Gert Witteman

Code: Maestro
Function: Music Wizard

Caroline Bakker

Program Manager

Mees Robert

Visuals & Effects Scientist 

Collaborations and Partners

We are in good company.