WE O9 Trees

From Dry TO Jungle

Research shows that every human needs approximately 9 trees to produce the oxygen (O2) we breath during our full lives. Which means each human is responsible morally for planting 9 trees in order to be even with the nature. 

That is the reason we are called ‘WE O9’.

We provide you the opportunity to produce your own breathing oxygen for all of your life, and to offset your breathing Carbon. We do that by planting 9 trees for you. How cool is it to do that. To plant your own oasis.

Just like a leggo, one oasis next to another will form a national park and a nature reserve area. Together we can create magic, and can bring life!

Plant my nine trees now!

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Working Together

WE O9 Vision

To create a national park and wildlife sanctuary.

Through generating a sustainable and balanced eco-system.

sun light passing through green leafed tree
"The true meaning of goodness is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit."
- Neslon Henderson

— A Child's Dream —

This is a picture I took last year from my village -AlNabk- in Syria.
As a kid, I always wished to have been able to play in green nature, and to play with animals. 
In this land, you can drive half an hour without encountering a single tree, or seeing a single bird. It is dead.
So I decided, when I grow up, I am gonna make these mountains green, and I am gonna build a tree house and a play ground. 
Well, now the child has grown. He looks at the same land, but he sees the desaster from a different perspective.

Now, He understands that the land is dry due to global warming. Now he realizes that animals have no shelter, no food source, and no place to nest or hide.
Humen have no access to nature to grow and heal.

His inner child is refusing to believe that nothing can be done to change this reality.

He is a believer! 


Get involved

His dream is to make these mountains green again. He wants to create an oasis so it can serve as a wildlife shelter. He wants to create a park for people to heal and grow. He is working together with his friends. They are professionals, and they have a strong plan. 

This child wants to realize his dream, will you help him?  

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brown animal on green grass

Wildlife shilter

children standing on green metal fence during daytime

Children Playground

group of people sitting on green grass field during daytime

A park to heal and grow